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Re: Is our name confusing people....

From: Riccardo Mottola
Subject: Re: Is our name confusing people....
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2010 01:59:48 +0100
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Stef Bidi wrote:
I just want to say that I agree with others have already said. I also like Riccardo's suggestion.
Thanks.. AS for the names I made them up. Cocoa is still playing along "Java" "Kaffe" "Cappuccino" tune...
"Cacao" is not a good choice: it is/was a free Java VM...

I somehow like "Espresso". It means.. it's fast :) We could also break this stupid beverage thing.

On Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 4:52 PM, Germán Arias <address@hidden <mailto:address@hidden>> wrote:

    Currently many distros have the latest packages of GNUstep: OpenSuse,
    Debian Squeeze, Fedora 14, Gentoo, Arch Linux, T2, OpenBSD, Frugalware
    linux. If these packages works or not is other thing.

Exactly! Having the latest GNUstep packages isn't the issue... the issue is that GNUstep-based software isn't released as frequently. If you want to compare apples to apples, GWorkspace, for example, only gets updated every 18 months, or so; SystemPreferences hasn't gotten one since 2009; And other apps even longer. Really, only the GAP projects seem to get a decent release schedule (I gotta give Riccardo props for releasing so often despite being almost the sole GAP developer).
I don' t think we need a "linked" release cycle. If an app works and there are no new features, no new release is needed. Of course if the last release doesn't compile, we should at least prvide a minor release with the necessary maintenance. But often either the application is unmaintained or instead it developed further for the next release, which is not yet ready. So to achieve your goal, somebody should take the work to check against the release if everything works "no worse" than before and if not, then backport changes or anyway produce an improved minor release.

You don't need a tight release cycle for something like "vi", don't you? But you need to make sure it compiles regularly.
More frequent updates to GNUstep-based apps would go a very long way. GNUstep already seems to be in a fairly decent schedule (every few months), but the apps seem to almost never get released. There are also certain apps that only work if you check out an SVN copy. And in other cases the app simply instead there (Bean and FlexiSheet in GAP's cvs repo comes to mind).

If an app has a release but has you need a SVN version, then it is in the category of the above point. Other applications like Bean and FlexiSheet are not ready for prime time yet. Releasing something too buggy and ugly will scare people away instead of ecnouraging them to join and fix them. Since GAP has limited manpower, it concentrates in keeping the released apps working and up-to-date.
The identity crisis doesn't help either, but I don't think it's as big of a problem as some might think.
I think that too. But our PR could still be better, by marketing our "framework" both separately and as part of a "destkop" we could appeal a wider range. That would mean also separate sections in the wiki, separate brochures... We have part of that of course, it is just scattered.

    Of course there others big distros that don't offers GNUstep, like:
    Ubuntu, Mandriva and Slackware.

SUre. Debian support is there but suboptimal and sadly several apps are missing or very, very old. Maybe they miss because they duplicate another non-gnustep app... but that doesn't help a true "experience". Otherwise, KOffice would make no sense... there is OOffice. Or why Chromium if we have Firefox? I have also read form people that the Debian Packages have problems on ubuntu... I don't want to say anything bad about Ubuntu... but for the end-user it is a problem of course.

Let's add RPM based distributions, Redhat/CentOS first. I did several RPM packages, but apparently demand was little. RIchard Stonehouse does some excellent work. I don't know how he fares. Best of course is to be in the official repo, like we have on gentoo or some BSDs.


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