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Bean cannot load NIB file

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Bean cannot load NIB file
Date: Wed, 09 Nov 2011 10:45:45 +0100
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Due to some of my recent changes the Bean application in gap is no longer starting correctly. What happens is rather interesting. I added binding support for the NSColorWell and Bean has been using this feature, but it wasn't supported in GNUstep. Now that it is, a problem on a deeper level got revealed. Bean has a defaults.plist file that stores some user default settings for the application. This includes the default colours for altBackgroundColor and altTextColor. These colours are stored as NSData containing the archived colours.


gdb reports the later value as:
(gdb) po anObject
<040b7479 70656473 74726561 6d8103e8 84014084 8484074e 53436f6c 6f720084 84084e53 4f626a65 63740085 84016301 84046666 66660101 010186>

Starting from byte three this reads "typedstream". Now this is Apple format used for NSArchiver and GNUstep isn't able to read this.

The simplest solution is of course just to delete this entries from the defaults.plist. On the other hand I remember somebody telling me that he wrote a reader for this archive format. Going down that road would mean to replace all our non-keyed archive implementations.

Any ideas on how to handle this best?

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