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Re: In regards to defining GNUstep and Window Maker

From: Nicola Pero
Subject: Re: In regards to defining GNUstep and Window Maker
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 19:20:03 +0100 (BST)

> > However, I don't think we need to put every misunderstanding about 
> > GNUstep on the front page. It makes the differences look overly 
> > important, and it's not accurate as well.  Before we go changing policy 
> > (e.g. what is the offical GNUstep window manager) we should discuss 
> > among ourselves what any new policy should be.
> It was put there for a good reason, not because anyone intended to start 
> some jihad over whether or not WindowMaker was the official GNUstep 
> window manager. The reality is that many, many people (quite possibly 
> even most) do not consider WindowMaker to be the canonical GNUstep 
> window manager.
> Furthermore, I think most of the people who are reading are seriously 
> lacking some perspective. If you <...>

You are certainly entitled to have your opinions or to open discussion on
the matter.  That is good and useful. :-)

But you should be careful not to present your own personal opinions as the
"official"  GNUstep position on the matter unless this has been agreed
and discussed with all the other GNUsteppers.

The "official" GNUstep position is usually a very delicate balance of many
minds and ideas and feelings.

NB: Many GNUsteppers are not regularly on irc.  Some of them (most of the
"old guard") are never there actually, so the fact that some people on an
irc channel agree on something doesn't make it any more official.

Mailing lists are somewhat better because most people read, at least 
occasionally, those, so you can get a wider discussion.

I recommend that anything important in terms of policy, definition of what
GNUstep is, relationship with other projects, doesn't get on the web site
unless Adam Fedor (Chief Maintainer) puts his "approved" stamp on it.  
Else we get into a chaos.

I'm very open to discuss things.  It's the process of how we get to define
the official GNUstep policy which is relevant here.  There are many people
involved and we need a process which makes sure that we all get the
occasion to take part in the discussion and in the definition of the
official polisition/policy of the project *before* it goes live.


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