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[Groff] Groff CD?

From: Eddie Maddox
Subject: [Groff] Groff CD?
Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2000 08:04:11 -0500 (EST)

Groff CD?

It was suggested to me, since I am now a Proud Owner of a new HP CD
writer, and wondering if it can make me rich^H^H^H^H money, that I put
together a Groff CD. 

Does this make sense to anybody here? Would anyone buy it? For how much?
What should be on it? Should extra stuff be added to fill up any leftover
empty space?  (600+ MB of elbow room)

Anyone have experience burning and shipping these things? The burning I
got mostly figured out from the HOWTOs. Any tips on anything, though, like
international commerce, non-English speaking customers, etc?

I just started a Micro-entrepreneur Training Program in my St. Paul,
Minnesota, USA neighborhood.  The main theme is writing up a Business
Plan, to use when begging for money! Of ~8 in our class I'm the only one
with an Internet based business idea: selling specialty software CDs.

Eddie Maddox

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