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Re: [Groff] (info flamebait)

From: Rick Richardson
Subject: Re: [Groff] (info flamebait)
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 05:04:10 -0600
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> > Apparently, you don't use the latest versions, do you?  The keys are
> > now fully customizable...

As far as I can tell, "info" 4.0 still does not respect your .inputrc
setting, nor the EDITOR environment variable, nor any other setting
that a non-emacs user is likely to have already configured.  So in
order to learn how to bind the keys for "vi"/"less", you need to read
the "man" page to find out about the --vi-keys option.

I love the irony.  It goes a short way towards making up for having to
write groff documentation in texinfo.

On Thu, Jan 24, 2002 at 10:31:48AM +0000, Stewart C. Russell wrote:
> until it knows about the mouse, I will go elsewhere. The whole

tkinfo is usable with a mouse, and is relatively lean and fast.  Gnome
has a desktop GUI app (Nautilus) that browses the info pages, but its
bloated and ponderously slow.

> hierachical documentation thing is so counter-intuitive. Give me one big
> file any day.
>  Stewart

I agree there.  Give me a big file that I can search using whatever
tools I prefer.


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