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[Groff] Re: Old *roff utilities - found a diffmk, any checkmm?

From: Meg McRoberts
Subject: [Groff] Re: Old *roff utilities - found a diffmk, any checkmm?
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 20:37:33 -0800 (PST)

Noone seemed real interested in checkmm when I brought it up in July
so I didn't pursue it.  But I just sent mail to a buddy who is still
on the inside at SCO (it's a very small, select group) to see if he
knows where the source is and if they would like to donate it to us.

I'll let you know what I hear.

--- address@hidden wrote:
> While indexing Chapter 15 last night, I ran into a reference to a utility 
> called
> "diffmk" that compared two *roff documents and created a third document with 
> change
> bars in the right places. Hm... Google didn't point me to the original code, 
> but I did
> find a Perl script called diffmk.p that purported to do the same thing. I 
> haven't tried
> it out -- yet! -- but here's a link if you're interested:
> In a desperate attempt to stretch out my break, I started hunting for checkmm 
> or a
> remake. I had no luck, but found something Meg McRoberts posted here last 
> year:
>    Do we have something like checkmm available for the
>    ms macros on Linux? [...] If you don't have access
>    to the old source for checkmm [...] I may be able to
>    get ahold of it with the rights to use it... 
> Meg, did you ever follow up on that? I looked at what's available for Plan9 
> and neither
> checkmm nor diffmk were there (both are mentioned in UTP, so it would be nice 
> to be
> able to point readers to them).
>     Larry

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