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Re: [Groff] PS and "page background"

From: Alejandro López-Valencia
Subject: Re: [Groff] PS and "page background"
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 15:47:21 -0500

On 10/17/05, mikkel meinike wrote:

Three of best resources in the net on everything related postscript are:

"Internet Resources for POSTSCRIPT and GHOSTSCRIPT"

"Guru's Lair: PostScript library directory" <>

and "Richard's PS Junk Page" <>

As well there is an excellent out-of-print introduction to PostScript
level 1 (more readable than Adobe's spec, IMO) at<>: Thinking in Postscript
(Glen Reid, 1990). It is available free from the author's website in
PDF format.

Alejandro López-Valencia

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