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Re: [Groff] Introduction

From: Deri James
Subject: Re: [Groff] Introduction
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2005 20:49:50 +0100
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On Tuesday 18 Oct 2005 12:44, D. E. Evans wrote:
> >    We had a discussion on this list a few months ago, that if anyone had
> > done a WYSIWYG front-end for groff years ago, it would be more viable for
> > the masses.  Sigh.
> >
> Like all UNIX tools, the specialized ones are the most viable.  I
> lament the day groff goes gui.  However, I think that a seperate
> gui frontend is not a bad idea.

I am not persuaded a gui would improve groff adoption (has LyX helped LaTex?). 
The power of groff, as a typesetting program, is in its speed and 
scaleability. It quite happily gobbles up a 7GB '.trf' file producing 
900,000+ pages of coloured postscript in under 4 hours (always impresses 



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