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Re: mkfs command in grub

From: technologypages
Subject: Re: mkfs command in grub
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 15:54:07 +0200
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Tomáš, unfortunately your solution to the swap sharing problem is suboptimal -- swapping through filesystem code to a file in a VFAT filesystem will quite likely be a order of magnitude slower than raw partition access. It's OK if you are a casual Linux user, but not acceptable if you are a casual Windows user like me :).

Okuji, it's a matter of theoretical purism vs pragmatical problem solving. As Marco already said, we can't change the behaviour of non-free software. Hence we need to manipulate the swap partition before booting Windows in this particular (and very common) use-case. Preparing the swap partition for Windows is possible from a Linux shutdown script, but this solution is fragile (one can imagine plenty of cases when the script will not be run), and is not really Linux's responsibility (preparing a partition for another OS). Which brings us back to the fact that in this particular case it is the bootloader's responsibility. I agree that this functionality should not be part of the core, but as GRUB 2 is supposedly modular (haven't seen the code though), it should be available as a module.

Could someone who knows the code please envisage what should be done in order to implement the mkfs module?

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