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Re: My Summer of Code Project

From: Yoshinori K. Okuji
Subject: Re: My Summer of Code Project
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2007 20:26:03 +0200
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On Wednesday 25 April 2007 18:41, Alex Roman wrote:
> > For GRUB 2 you will need to install ruby as well.  What I actually
> > meant with a good development environment is setting up qemu or so.
> > Or when you want to test things on real hardware you can better use
> > networking instead of messing around with floppies.  Doing things
> > right from the start can save you time :-).
> How can I tell qemu to boot grub? last I checked qemu took a hard
> drive image that it booted from.

I have documented a howto on the wiki:

Although the page says bochs, you can do the same with qemu. When testing, I 
myself often use qemu with a floppy image. This is quite easy. I also use a 
hard disk image from time to time, but it is a bit more painful to set up a 
correct image than a floppy image.

For real systems, I usually use PXE or a USB key.

> > Have a look at grub_dprintf.  It prints debug messages depending on a
> > variable.  For example, use "set debug=all" on the GRUB prompt.  I
> > think it is easier for you to start playing with grub-emu to
> > understand how things in general work.  Although it will be useless to
> > you when you start working on your project.
> What is grub-emu?

Look at the directory util. In the current version, it is built only if you 
specify --enable-grub-emu to configure.


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