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Re: [PATCH] New object format

From: Javier Martín
Subject: Re: [PATCH] New object format
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2009 13:47:34 +0200

El mié, 22-07-2009 a las 19:12 +0800, Bean escribió:
> Fix some wrong assumption in types.h and efi header files. For
> example, grub_efi_uint_t is defined as unsigned long, but it should be
> grub_uint64_t in 64-bit EFI, this problem won't show previously as
> unsigned long is 64-bit in elf64 gcc, but it's 32-bit in mingw-w64
> gcc.
I think you haven't corrected _all_ such assumptions. For example, in
your grub/types.h:

# define GRUB_ULONG_MAX 18446744073709551615UL
# define GRUB_LONG_MAX 9223372036854775807L
# define GRUB_LONG_MIN (-9223372036854775807L - 1)
# define GRUB_ULONG_MAX 4294967295UL
# define GRUB_LONG_MAX 2147483647L
# define GRUB_LONG_MIN (-2147483647L - 1)

In mingw64, sizeof(void*) = 8, but ULONG_MAX = 2^32-1.
grub/machine/types.h defines a GRUB_TARGET_SIZEOF_LONG that might be
suitable for this. Or am I mixing "target" with "host"?

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