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Re: GH. Again.

From: Sam Tregar
Subject: Re: GH. Again.
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 11:11:35 -0400 (EDT)

On 12 Jun 2001, Marius Vollmer wrote:

> The summary: the GH interface is moved out of the central proper of
> Guile.  It will be provided for quite some time, but only for
> compatibility reasons.  We will steer people towards using (a cleaned
> up version of) the `scm_' interface.

Here here!

> Ultimately, the GH interface will end up in its own distribution,
> ready to be taken by anyone who wants to work on it.

Be brave - say it: let's kill the GH interface.  If someone else wants the
name for a new project, then they can have it.  It's not like it's such a
great name that we have to find it a home!  I may be mistaken but it seems
to me that any cross-interpreter scheme API would have to start from
scratch anyway.  Most of the current GH is just renamed scm_ functions and
thin C wrappers, all of which are dependent on the SCM type system.


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