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Re: problems building stable branch

From: Michael Livshin
Subject: Re: problems building stable branch
Date: 10 Jul 2001 15:44:45 +0300
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Jan Nieuwenhuizen <address@hidden> writes:

> 13:28:43 appel ~/usr/src/guile/guile-core$ ./configure
> bash: ./configure: No such file or directory

this is OK.  generated files are not in CVS.

running ./ is documented in HACKING.  INSTALL is for people
who get release tarballs.

> 13:29:00 appel ~/usr/src/guile/guile-core$ ./ 
> autoheader2.50: libguile/ is unchanged
> automake: no `' found or specified
> guile-readline...
> automake: no `' found or specified

do you really not have in ~/usr/src/guile/guile-core ?
your CVS checkout is seriously borked, then.

the fact that you later succeeded to run configure means that you
already had files present.  old files.  bad files.

what happens when you do a fresh checkout?

Tools that are no good require more skill.

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