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Re: suggestions for Guile wrt GTK and Gnome support

From: Ariel Rios
Subject: Re: suggestions for Guile wrt GTK and Gnome support
Date: 24 Jul 2001 00:13:24 -0400

On 23 Jul 2001 12:32:48 -0400, Neil W. Van Dyke wrote:

This is probably the wrong list to send this messages,
guile-gtk mailing list is the good one.
> Ximian, which effectively controls the direction of Gnome, will now be
> preoccupied with cloning Microsoft architecture and collaborating with
> Microsoft.  They'll presumably be unable to move Gnome development in
> ways that are conducive to its use with Guile (not to mention that there
> is now arguably business disincentive to actively aid the success of
> Guile).
This statement is not fair with Ximian. And it also states wrongly
that Ximian leads GNOME. That's no true. 

Maybe Guile is not widely used in GNOME but I can say that
there has been very little interest inside the Guile community
to make it happen, altho guile is used in some really interesting
parts of GNOME such as gnumeric and guppi
> The first thing I'd like to suggest is to put a canonical tree of GTK
> 1.2 support for Guile into Guile's CVS repository, make it work well,
> and keep it up to date with Guile releases and CVS versions.  GTK is a
> good and popular GUI toolkit, 1.2 is stable, and 1.2 is not dependent on
> the current Gnome build environment (which is larger, much more complex,
> and constantly changing).
Wrong again. GNOME 1.x API has not changed in a long time.
Also guile-gtk and gnome-guile is stable, works well and is kept up to
date with Guile.

Please check guile-gtk and gnome-guile modules in GNOME cvs.

> Finally, full Gnome support for Guile would be a good thing.  That could
> be maintained as part of the Gnome CVS repository or Guile's CVS
> repository.  I have a suspicion (and anecdotal experience) that making
> Guile support for GTK 1.2 and 1.3 dependent on a full Gnome environment
> would be problematic, though.  I would therefore like suggest that "GTK
> support for Guile" and "Gnome (including GTK) support for Guile" be
> treated as two separate projects, with the GTK support project
> independent of the Gnome support project.
Oh my... gnome-guile has been out for a long long time...
And we have unstyable work for Gtk 1.3 (as ever, guile was the first
language to support 1.3)

> Unfortunately, I don't yet have the GTK familiarity to do this myself,
> (and don't have the time in the near future), so I'm hoping someone else
> would be excited about doing this.
This is already done. 

Can someone explain to me, why I only receive flames about gnome-guile /


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