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1.9 on the 19th; freeze 10 june (this wednesday)

From: Andy Wingo
Subject: 1.9 on the 19th; freeze 10 june (this wednesday)
Date: Sat, 06 Jun 2009 11:45:28 +0200
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Hey folks,

After talking with Ludovic I think we're aiming for next friday for a
release, 19 june. In order to test thoroughly, I'd like to put Guile
master into "freeze mode" this Wednesday, 10 June.

What does that mean? It means, between 10 June and the 1.9.1 release, no
new code should go into Guile master. It is time to focus on testing.
Commits to fix regressions would be welcome, as would documentation.

If there are no objections, then let's settle on that.

One more thing, since time is running short: if there are people reading
this that package software for distributions, please package
libunistring, or poke the right person to do that. It will make
installing Guile easier. Thanks!


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