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Re: TODO for 2.0

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: TODO for 2.0
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2010 22:53:55 +0200
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Hi Andy,

Andy Wingo <address@hidden> writes:

>   * some bytecode tweaks
>      - function prologues can be shorter in the common case
>      - perhaps docstrings should take less space in objcode, by allowing
>        them to be specified positionally in the program metadata,
>        removing need to embed 'documentation symbol in meta-procedure

Likewise: review bytecodes; for instance, most of time integers are
written in native endianness, but sometimes they are in big endian, and
sometimes the width of integers seems quite arbitrary.


  * Add Scheme code coverage.

  * Add tests for untested parts.

  * Fix ES compiler (but note, I’m not really volunteering on this one

  * Walk the bug tracker; fix incompatibility & portability bugs listed

  * Test on various platforms, fix fix fix.

  * Review the list of exported C symbols.  Possibly keep internal some
    of the C symbols introduced in 1.9 (aka. move away from C).

  * Investigate the precedence of “coding:” cookies vs. current locale
    (currently the current locale seems to have higher precedence.)

There’s also a wealth of optional things on my to-do list, of course.


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