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Re: Multiple version

From: Greg Troxel
Subject: Re: Multiple version
Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2012 12:47:07 -0400
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I think that aclocal looks for files that define needed macros, so you'd
still get a conflict even if the file is renamed.

  But if I write something that depends on guile, would I have to change
  anything in my scripts to use guile 2.0 if I've installed the file as,
  for example, guile2.m4?

Not if 
  a) your code actually builds with guile 2, and
  b) the aclocal m4 code with 1.8 finds guile2 ok

now that guile does pkg-config, i would think that's preferable, but if
a package installs scheme files into share/guile/site then it may not be

Your programs that use guile should just be able to do
--with-guile=/usr/guile2 or some such.

If you want to fix this, I think it only makes sense to get patches into
guile to make program-suffix work 100%, and otherwise you risk being in
a wet-noodle-pushing exercise.

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