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[help-3dldf] Re: The compilling of 3DLDF failed on Debian Sid.

From: Laurence Finston
Subject: [help-3dldf] Re: The compilling of 3DLDF failed on Debian Sid.
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2007 16:25:54 +0100 (CET)

On Fri, 9 Mar 2007, Hongyi Zhao wrote:

> My GCC version:
> 4.1.2 20061115 (prerelease) (Debian 4.1.1-21)

Mine is 3.3.3.   When I get a chance, I'll check to see if there's been 
an official release with a major version number of 4.  If there is, the 
system administrator here _may_ be willing to install it.  I can't simply 
migrate to another machine, because they don't all have all the tools I 
need for developing the package.

A problem did turn up when a new version of the standard library was 
installed, probably with GCC 3.3.3.  Some functions cause error messages 
to be issued from functions in the standard library.  This didn't happen 
before.  It affects the `output' command in the 3DLDF language, and also 
occurs when there are syntax errors in the input.  It's difficult to trace 
and would require some concentrated debugging.  At the moment, I don't 
have time to do this.   However, it usually only happens at the end of 
a run, after all output has been produced, and otherwise seems to be 
harmless, except when caused by a syntax error in the input.  In this 
case, it's better to fix the latter and just start again.


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