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Re: No reliable outputs in 2.1.15 ?

From: Jason Kim
Subject: Re: No reliable outputs in 2.1.15 ?
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 14:14:17 -0400
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On Tuesday 11 October 2005 13:29, Martin, Jason H wrote:
> Try putting in an 'alert' stanza that is always true (such as FOO|!FOO).
> Also, cfexecd doesn't send any mail unless the output differs from the
> previous run, so you might have to put in a shellcommand that echos
> something to the previous file to make it different then the current
> file.
I use the something like the following to ensure that my sysadmins get bugged 
every time something fails. I ran into a problem where something failed 
consistently, but only alerted once so it got lost in the ether...

    # Bad configs, error out
        "Config error [$(date)]: Bad thingy, update aborted."


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