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[h-e-w] Using Emacs for email

From: Wojciech Komornicki
Subject: [h-e-w] Using Emacs for email
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2001 16:37:56 -0600

>>>>> "Alec" == Alec Clews <address@hidden> writes:

  Alec> G'Day,
  Alec> I have some questions relating to using email and emacs. I am
  Alec> thinking of moving to emacs as my sole MUA, but I have some
  Alec> questions first.

  Alec> Background: I have two email accounts. Our office system uses MS
  Alec> Exchange which I access using POP3 and SMTP, I also have an
  Alec> account with Yahoo that also uses POP3 and SMTP. I get sent lots
  Alec> of MS Office attachments with my mail and of course HTML
  Alec> email. I also dual boot, W2K and Linux, buat all these questions
  Alec> relate to W2K. I have cygwin installed

I use emacs for my mail both under W2K and on the UNIX machines where I
have accounts.  One of the questions that you do not ask is which mail
agent you want to use from within emacs.  The three that I am familiar
with are GNUS, VM, and RMAIL.  I use VM and am not equipped to say
anything regarding the other two packages

  Alec> My questions are these:

  Alec> 0) Which documents are helpful to read about configuring emacs email
Documentation on the particular mail package is helpful as well as the
FAQ on ntemacs

  Alec> 1) Should I use fetchmail to get my POP3 email rather than emacs?
If you use VM, VM will fetch the mail from either a POP server or an
IMAPD server.

  Alec> 2) Can I sort my email into a different folder depending on the server
  Alec> it came from? (may depend on answer to 1 guess)
In VM you can set up an alist according to which your mail will be saved
in different volders.

  Alec> 3) Can I select which SMTP server I want to use when I send email? (and
  Alec> also chose my .sig file)
The variables smtpmail-default-smtp-server and smtpmail-smtp-server
control which smtp server to use.  All you need to do is set these
variables to point to the right server.

I have modified some of the lisp files to specify which signature file
to use. I only have two (one for local mail and one for mail going
outside of my university) and so the modifications where quite simple.

  Alec> 4) Does anyone have any updates to the instructions in the NT Emacs FAQ?
  Alec> They did not work when I tried them (if no one has any extra information
  Alec> handy I will post more details of my problems and ask for help).

If you would find it helpful, I can send you that part of my .emacs file
which pertains to mail.

Wojciech Komornicki                                      Dept of Mathematics
address@hidden                                     Hamline University                               St Paul, MN 55104

The skill of writing is to create a context in which other people can think.
                                                           Edwin Schlossberg

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