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Re: [h-e-w] Using Emacs for email

From: Galen Boyer
Subject: Re: [h-e-w] Using Emacs for email
Date: 06 Nov 2001 10:07:25 -0800
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On Tue, 6 Nov 2001, address@hidden wrote:

> What MUA?

I've always been a little uncertain about the _exact_ definition
of this term.  Does this term matter if all of the operations
related to mail (downloading, splitting, reading, replying) are
handled by Emacs?  (Not trying to be argumentative, just trying
to make sure I can give as precise an answer as I can.)

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> On Tue, 06 Nov 2001, address@hidden wrote:
>> G'Day,
>> I have some questions relating to using email and emacs. I am
>> thinking of moving to emacs as my sole MUA, 
> Great choice!
>> but I have some questions first.
> Okay. I will answer for using Gnus.  Gnus is a newsreader and
> mailreader in one.  It treats both news and mail in a
> newsreaderly way.  I find it very powerful, rewarding and an
> extreme pleasure to use.
>> 0) Which documents are helpful to read about configuring emacs
>>    email
> There is a gnus tutorial.
> You might want to start there.  If you are interested and
> decide to read a bit, ping the group and I will try to help you
> along.  The thing about Gnus is that you need to understand how
> to use it as a newsreader, even if you are only using it as a
> mail client, because all of your reading and replying
> keystrokes are the same for both news and mail.  Its how you
> retrieve and sort your mail which is above and beyond a
> newsreader.  (ie, you have to set up retrieval of your mail, as
> well as the rules for splitting your mail, but then, you just
> hit `g' and you can handle both the same)
>> 1) Should I use fetchmail to get my POP3 email rather than
>>    emacs?
> I use the mail-sources variable and tell it POP3.  I then have
> Gnus split my mail to whatever folders based on regular
> expressions.
>> 2) Can I sort my email into a different folder depending on
>> the server it came from? (may depend on answer to 1 guess)
> Sure, if you want.  I like Topics though.  I have newsgroups
> and mail groups both geographically together, based on the
> "topics" they might discuss, and I don't care where the mail or
> news came from.  I find that to be really seemless.
>> 3) Can I select which SMTP server I want to use when I send
>> email? (and also chose my .sig file)
> Yes, but I believe you need a little elisp.  It will not be a
> problem.  There are plenty of snippets to help you out. 
>> 4) Does anyone have any updates to the instructions in the NT
>> Emacs FAQ? 
> For email, read the Gnus info section, "Getting Started Reading
> Mail"
>> They did not work when I tried them (if no one has any extra
>> information handy I will post more details of my problems and
>> ask for help).
>> Many thanks

Galen deForest Boyer
Sweet dreams and flying machines in pieces on the ground.

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