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RE: Error: dbop_next failed

From: Suresh Govindachar
Subject: RE: Error: dbop_next failed
Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2007 07:39:45 -0700

  shigio wrote:
  >> The following took several (over 6) hours and ended in an error message:
  >>     wc -l alist
  >>     907 alist
  >>     gtags  -f alist g
  >>     htags -snohI -d g -t aig_dev g
  >>     global: dbop_next failed.
  >>     htags: 'c:\opt\global\bin\global.exe -xs --nofilter=path ".*"' failed.
  > Since GLOBAL doesn't support DOS and Windows 32 environment (See
  > FAQ), 

  1) Where is the FAQ? -- I could not find link to any FAQ on 
     the global web-site

  2) But there are Windows downloads at
  > I don't know whether or not the command works well there.

  I have had success on a smaller project on local drive c:.
  In the above failed example, source is on samba-mounted drive
  > You had better use UNIX environment if possible.

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