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Re: notify-about-expired-prs

From: Hans-Albert Schneider
Subject: Re: notify-about-expired-prs
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002 23:23:30 +0100 (CET)

>>>>> "BBodnyk" == Bodnyk, Bruce W <address@hidden> writes:

    BBodnyk> Can anyone explain the process by which
    BBodnyk> notifications of expired prs are dealt with. If I
    BBodnyk> enable this option in my dbconfig file I get an
    BBodnyk> error "Unparseable reply from gnatsd" when I submit
    BBodnyk> a pr via gnatsweb. If I disable the option
    BBodnyk> everything works fine. Also, I have added additional
    BBodnyk> fields to dbconfig and removed some that I didn't
    BBodnyk> need.

When a report arrives, file-pr sets up an "at" job if the
following three conditions hold:

- the response time configured for its submitter (the 4th field
  in the "submitters" file) is not -1,

- notify-about-expired-prs is true,

- severity == "critical" -or-
  (severity == "serious" and priority == "high")
  [These values are currently hardcoded!]

After the response time has expired, the "at" job is run (that's
what the UNIX command "at" is for, in case you wondered about the
strange name).  It checks whether the PR is still in the default
state (the first one listed in file states, usually "open"), and
if so, reminds the person responsible for the PR.  Copies of this
mail go to the gnats administrator and to the principal contact
for the submitter (5th field from the submitters file).

This said, in order to work, the notify-about-expired-prs feature

- the "rtime" and "contact" fields in the submitters file,
- the "person" field (responsible person) in the categories file,
- the "Severity", "Priority", and "State" fields in the PR
  (probably identified via the "builtin-name" given in dbconfig),
- the above-mentioned hardcoded values for the Severity and
  Priority fields.

I guess you removed one or more of the PR fields that the feature


Hans-Albert Schneider
Munich, Germany
EMail: address@hidden

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