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Re: Subject header matching--once again

From: Andrew J. Gray
Subject: Re: Subject header matching--once again
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2003 12:34:08 +1100

> > I think the closest equivalent that works in a list is the alnum
> > character class. Using this the regular expression would become:
> > 
> >     \\<(PR[ \t#/]?|([-[:alnum:]_+.]+)/)([0-9]+)
> > 
> > Do you think this is a satisfactory replacement for \w?
> Absolutely. I have made a rudimentary test that worked OK.

Good. I have committed your patch with the change to use [:alnum:].

> The documentation should then have
>       \<(PR[ \t#/]?|[-[:alnum:]+.]+/)[0-9]+
> in file p-usage.texi. I think that the text-capturing parentheses should
> be left out for clarity.

Agreed. I have committed this change to p-usage.texi.

> Are you aware that Yngve has committed the documentation changes from
> my patch already?

Yes, thanks for the reminder.

Andrew J. Gray

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