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Re: Is Emacs on Aqua crippleware or is it just broken?

From: BK
Subject: Re: Is Emacs on Aqua crippleware or is it just broken?
Date: 7 May 2003 08:09:38 -0700

Piet van Oostrum <address@hidden> wrote ...

> I have chosen to use Command as the Meta key, rather than Option. The main
> reason is that Option is used to produce non-ASCII characters like é, ü,
> ¤, so I don't want to loose that feature (although emacs has other ways to
> produce these characters, which I also use sometimes). Therefore the
> Command key is not free for me, so I don't use Cmd-C, Cmd-V, Cmd-Q etc.
> But as someone else has already indicated, you are free to use Option as
> Meta key and install the proper commands on the Command keys. I could give
> you the elisp commands in a few minutes if so desired.

Thanks, this is helpful.

Now, we seem to have two different recommendations for the META key.
One says "use Option as META" the other says "use Cmd as META". As I
said before, this is supposed to go into a how to setup Emacs with
ILISP on OSX step by step guide and I have to take the target audience
into consideration.

It seems to me that I have to make a choice or present both
alternatives, possibly listing the pros and cons for each one, so that
readers can make an informed decision.

Would you have any opinion on that. What would you recommend someone
new to Emacs whose main interest is to get an IDE for doing some Lisp
(study or serious)? Probably they won't care so much about accented
characters because you don't really need that for writing Lisp code.
And if they haven't used Emacs before they might like to use
Cmd-/x/c/v for cut/copy/paste, although this may prevent them from
learning the Emacs method how to paste. As I see it, I will have to
provide both alternatives and let the reader choose for themselves.

So, if you could be so kind and let me have those commands, I would
appreciate that.


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