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Re: Has anyone actually built emacs 21.3 for SOLARIS (sparc)?

From: Dave Uhring
Subject: Re: Has anyone actually built emacs 21.3 for SOLARIS (sparc)?
Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 18:34:38 -0500
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On Wed, 21 May 2003 22:24:22 +0000, David Combs wrote:

> To summarize one of your points, you say to set
> the LDFLAGS *now*, eg in .cshrc, so it's always
> there.

Yes, so that it is in your environment -anytime- you run a configure
script.  Note that not all those configure scripts will create proper
LDFLAGS in your Makefiles.  You need to monitor that; for each -L in the
linking output there needs be a corresponding -R.

Considering c-shell you might also want to read this: 

> And to IGNORE the idea of a RUN path.  (Since one
> person evidently believes in it, maybe a few
> educational words on why not -- the more you
> explain, in some depth, the more that other
> people will learn, and have an easier time with
> building eg emacs.)

Solaris run-time linker,, does not even recognize that LD_RUN_PATH
value.  man  It does not even appear in the man page for

> Oh, is there some EASY way, cookbook like, to grab
> an emacs from CVS, without having to *learn* the
> whole freaking thing?

EMACS is a GNU utility.  I don't know about a publicly readable CVS
repository for it, but you might check at

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