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Using html-quick-keys with nxml-mode

From: Steffen Glückselig
Subject: Using html-quick-keys with nxml-mode
Date: Thu, 04 Mar 2004 09:02:51 +0100
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I am new to emacs and plan to mainly use it for publishing xhtml. I've got
the TEI-emacs-package and set up nxml-mode to be associated with
html-files (I have not converted to the xhtml-extension yet).
I've noticed in html-mode there is an entry in the menu-bar (HTML) that
holds some html-elements associated to hotkeys to place them into the
I would like to have that menu-entry and the shortcuts available in
nxml-mode, too. Is that possible? I've noticed that the entries are
defined in sgml-mode.el. Could I link that definition to the nxml-mode?
How so?
Or should I switch back to sgml/html-mode, though my documents are
actually xhtml?


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