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Re: Efficient Emacs usage?

From: Lee Sau Dan
Subject: Re: Efficient Emacs usage?
Date: 23 Nov 2004 15:49:31 +0800
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>>>>> "FCC" == FCC  <address@hidden> writes:

    FCC> I am wondering if I am missing anything of Emacs that could
    FCC> be of great use to me

Yes, of course.  Check what M-/ does, and be warned that it is addictive!

Also, if you have ispell  installed and you're typing in text-mode (or
derived ones), you can M-Tab  to complete the word.  (And you'll start
to  hate   Windows,  which   gives  you  NO   WAY  to  stop   it  from
stealing/robbing this key binding.)

Have you tried w3?  I don't use  it, as it is really slow.  But I like
the way  in which I  can navigate the  page displayed.  This  is quite
cool when  filling in forms,  because all the editing  capabilities of
Emacs are there at your disposal.   (But the UI of Mozilla and Firefox
are approaching such 'friendliness'  recently.  E.g. starting a search
with "/".)

And if you edit text files (including C/C++/Java/whatever source code,
LaTeX  manuscripts,  etc.)   and  you aren't  using  version  control,
consider learning to use RCS or  CVS under Emacs.  I myself learnt RCS
first under  Emacs, well  before I got  familiar with the  RCS command
line.  (Emacs has made  it much easier to use RCS and  CVS than on the
command line.)  If you are developing programs, don't miss M-x compile
and M-x gdb or M-x perldb.

    FCC> (sorry, gnus does not count for me, although I am very much
    FCC> aware of its popularity among Emacs users, 

I know a vi user who  likes to browse Usenet with Gnus+Emacs.  I don't
know why.   Maybe, Gnus's features are really  unparalleled.  I myself
am  both an Emacs  and vi  user, switching  easily between  them every
other minute.

    FCC> because probably it would be more efficient for me if I did
    FCC> not have to check or send e-mails and also spend less time on
    FCC> the internet).

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