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Re: emacs for everything?

From: Maciek Pasternacki
Subject: Re: emacs for everything?
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2004 22:03:50 +0100
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On Setting Orange, The Aftermath 38, 3170 YOLD, Stefan Monnier wrote:

>> keywords, especially for SQL) or some kind of electric space for Lisp
> For Lisp I'd recommend to use lowercase.  It's more legible.

Code in tutorials and code printed by Lisp printer has uppercase
symbols.  It's more natural for me to write lowercase but I found
a convention to write symbols that come from Common Lisp (i.e. not
defined by me) in uppercase.  It seems to be logical but OTOH I'm
a Lisp newbie; I just try to follow conventions.  If it's acceptable
to use lowercase I'll use it, maybe after some googling on conventions
used by people. :)  Thanks for the tip.

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