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Re: emacs for everything?

From: Lee Sau Dan
Subject: Re: emacs for everything?
Date: 28 Nov 2004 22:29:06 +0800
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>>>>> "Maciek" == Maciek Pasternacki <address@hidden> writes:

    Maciek> Caps lock is sometimes useful.  E.G when typing SQL or
    Maciek> Lisp code -- I don't like to have to hold shift when
    Maciek> typing keywords (well, maybe I could do Emacs tricks like
    Maciek> `turn preceding n words to uppercase'... well... *click*
    Maciek> C-h i g (emacs)...).

Check what C-x C-u and C-x C-l do.  :)

    Maciek> While both these languages are case-insensitive so I could
    Maciek> just use lowercase, I  prefer to stay consistent wrt style
    Maciek> with code written by respective language gurus.

Couldn't  the case  conversion  be done  automatically  on saving  and
loading by means of defining a coding system?

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