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Re: Using undumped Emacs

From: rgb
Subject: Re: Using undumped Emacs
Date: 19 Feb 2005 10:55:10 -0800
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> > The Emacs docs or FAQ don't say anything about the problem.
> The FAQ is not a place for _every_ question one could possibly come
> up with, it's only for _frequently_asked_ questions.

I see the word `docs' in the OP sentence.  Are you implying that the
goal of both sources have equal aspirations?  If not, why do you
single out faq?

One might expect that a user read docs & faq.  Are you saying that
one of them actually points a reader to the answer or do you just
feel the subject is too essoteric to expect some reference to an
answer anywhere.  Not even one pointing to code.

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