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Re: Derived Mode 101 HOWTO

From: Tim Johnson
Subject: Re: Derived Mode 101 HOWTO
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 23:57:30 -0000
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Hi Johan:

In, you wrote:
> Well, 'font-lock-newlisp-keywords-face is an "expression whose value
> is the face name to use", but apparently you shouldn't trust the
> documentation. (That's one of the reasons i don't use XEmacs. :)

  I'm a GNU type of person, but we have identified XEmacs as a possible
  platform for Windows-using clients, since our clients think that it is
  more modern-looking (on windows) than GNU emacs.

   We'll see. "modern-looking" is not so important to me.

   Additionally, I have found this newsgroup *far* more helpful than the
   XEmacs newsgroup (no offense meant to the other).

> Try replacing the last line above with this:
>       0 'font-lock-newlisp-keywords-face)

  You have put the finishing nail in this piece of the endeavor!
;; code below. See the addition of a second face
(defvar newlisp-font-lock-keywords
     (,(concat "\\<\\(" newlisp-keywords "\\)\\>")
      0 'font-lock-newlisp-keywords-face)
     (,(concat "\\<\\(" newlisp-user-keywords"\\)\\>")
        0 'font-lock-newlisp-user-keywords-face))
   "List of newlisp keywords and faces")

I want to add keybinding and a menu -  I expect that will go more smoothly.
Look for Derived Mode 102 HOWTO in a week or so.

After I get the mode where I want it, then I will also provide a (hopefully)
easy-follow 'template' to add further derived modes with minimum heartburn.

Next step is to read much documentation in depth.

Thank you Johan.
Thank you Stefan.


Tim Johnson <address@hidden>

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