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Re: Derived Mode 101 HOWTO

From: Tim Johnson
Subject: Re: Derived Mode 101 HOWTO
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 17:57:28 -0000
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In, you wrote:
> Tim Johnson <address@hidden> writes:
>>   Error during redisplay:
>>     (void-variable font-lock-newlisp-keywords-face) [2 times]
> I already tried to explain this one in the first part of my earlier
> post (subtly); look closer. Together with the error message you should
> be able to figure it out.

  :-) You're too kind..
      In your post, you provided this below:
 [C-h v font-lock-keywords]


    "FACENAME is an expression whose value is the face name to use."

    "FACE-FORM :== The symbol naming a defined face. | Expression whos
    value is the face name to use. If you want FACE-FORM to be a
    symbol that evaluates to a face, use a form like "(progn sym)"."

 And unfortunately I do not entirely understand. Are you saying that
 XEmacs needs a 'progn form for the face?

 By quoting the face:
(defvar newlisp-font-lock-keywords
     (,(concat "\\<\\(" newlisp-keywords "\\)\\>")
      . 'font-lock-newlisp-keywords-face) ;; quoted here
   "List of newlisp keywords and faces")
Highlighting is now 'enabled' in GNU emacs
is now 'disabled' in XEmacs.

Don't know how to resolve ...

Tim Johnson <address@hidden>

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