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Re: Ctrl-h vs Backspace on Windows

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Re: Ctrl-h vs Backspace on Windows
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006 15:12:05 +0100

Am 21.03.2006 um 13:19 schrieb Bill Brodie:

Is there some way to configure emacs to recognize the difference?

Could be it's: (normal-erase-is-backspace-mode). From its documentation:

        With numeric arg, turn the mode on if and only if ARG is positive.

        On window systems, when this mode is on, Delete is mapped to C-d and
        Backspace is mapped to DEL; when this mode is off, both Delete and
        Backspace are mapped to DEL.  (The remapping goes via
        `function-key-map', so binding Delete or Backspace in the global or
        local keymap will override that.)
        In addition, on window systems, the bindings of C-Delete, M-Delete,
        C-M-Delete, C-Backspace, M-Backspace, and C-M-Backspace are changed in
        the global keymap in accordance with the functionality of Delete and
        Backspace.  For example, if Delete is remapped to C-d, which deletes
        forward, C-Delete is bound to `kill-word', but if Delete is remapped
        to DEL, which deletes backward, C-Delete is bound to

F1 should work as Help key anyway.


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