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Re: make `bookmark-jump' use ido?

From: William Xu
Subject: Re: make `bookmark-jump' use ido?
Date: Tue, 09 May 2006 14:48:50 +0800
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Mathias Dahl <address@hidden> writes:

> I use this:
> (defun my-switch-to-bookmark (bname)
>   "Interactively switch to bookmark as `iswitchb' does."
>   (interactive (list (flet ((iswitchb-make-buflist
>                              (default)
>                              (require 'bookmark)
>                              (setq iswitchb-buflist (bookmark-all-names))))
>                        (iswitchb-read-buffer "Jump to bookmark: "))))
>   (bookmark-jump bname))
> I have bound C-x r b to this:
> (global-set-key "\C-xrb" 'my-switch-to-bookmark)
> It uses `iswitchb' instead of ido but it is probably close enough for
> you.

Actually, now i simply replace `completing-read' in
`bookmark-completing-read' with `ido-completing-read'. It looks fine,
except that `TAB' won't work anymore, still needs tuning.


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