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Re: displaying escaped unicode files

From: Gulliver7
Subject: Re: displaying escaped unicode files
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2006 20:15:56 -0700 (PDT)

B. T. Raven-2 wrote:
> "Gulliver7" wrote 
>> I'm running emacs 21.3 in Windows, and need to read and edit some text
> files
>> with UTF-8 encoding and others with escaped unicode encoding.  I've
> managed
>> to get emacs to display the UTF-8 files correctly, but not the escaped
>> unicode ones.  The alphabet is Latin, but accented characters are not
> being
>> displayed properly in the escaped unicode files.  What do I need to do
> to
>> get emacs to display the characters properly, regardless of whether I go
>> into a UTF-8 or an escaped unicode file?
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> 9354
> If escaped unicode is a sequence of hexadecimal tetrads like \x00c0 or
> \u00ce then David Love's ucs-tables.el could be used to convert them to
> the glyphs at the corresponding Unicode code points by reading each "word"
> or token in the file and then passing it to ucs-insert. You would then see
> the foreign language character as long as you had an appropriate font or
> font-set installed. I've heard that we have to wait for Emacs 23 before we
> see seamless Unicode support.
> Ed

Thank you for your reply.  I've looked at a description of "ucs-tables.el",
and I think I need things described in layman's terms.  
Is this a plugin of some sort for emacs that will convert the characters
into something readable?  If so, what happens when I use emacs to edit the
file?  Will the characters retain their unicode-ness to satisfy the
applications that require the \uXXXX format?  And how will any new accented
characters be encoded?

Thank you.
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