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Re: ediff next/previous difference & point

From: Sergei
Subject: Re: ediff next/previous difference & point
Date: 20 Sep 2006 01:09:42 -0700
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David Kastrup:

> "Sergei":


>> I find it VERY inconvenient.  This separate frame often gets
>> lost.

> Uh what?  Are you sure that you have set focus-follows-mouse to the
> right setting?  Or have you something like "raise-on-focus" set as a
> window manager preference?

Well, there are several environments I have to use.  Generally my
employer wants me to use MS Windows.  I have set a mode similar to
focus-follows-mouse in the Registry (and the variable inside emacs
too), but there are often other Windows events which have strange
effects.  I do not remember very well all the trouble which a separate
Ediff-Control-Panel frame caused to me, because setting
ediff-setup-windows-plain is one of the first customizations I
normally do.

>> C-x 5 o gets messy when you have extra frames;

> What are "extra frames"?

Quite often I need a separate frame, e.g. for a buffer in which I
could take my notes as I browse the differences.  It is convenient to
have it in a separate frame, so that I have the 3 ediff windows and 2
frames; I can navigate windows with "C-x o" (not very often, in fact),
and I can switch frames with "C-x 5 o" (quite frequently).  If the
Ediff Control Panel is in a separate frame, is meddles in an unwanted
way in the switching process.

>> and this is a different interface compared to the console.

> ????  What is the point here?

When I start "emacs -nw" (as it is usual when I use console, e.g. in a
remote terminal), I have no frames anyway.


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