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Re: Newbie question re ediff

From: mkeller
Subject: Re: Newbie question re ediff
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2007 16:59:13 -0800 (PST)

Hi Ed and all,

*Thank you* for your help. However, this hasn't solved my problem. When I go
through the menu and choose Tools -> Compare (Ediff) the minibuffer says
"loading ediff..." and then "Searching for program: no such file or
directory, diff". I'm sure this is not that tough, but after spending a few
hours on google today trying to figure it out, I hoped that the generous
folks on this discussion group could help me out. Thanks,


It looks to me like you are typing in "diff" as a file or buffer name.  In
my w32 build (21.3 on msw98) the menu shows Tools > Compare(Ediff) > Two
files, two buffers, etc in a drop down list. In two buffers, if I accept
the default, it compares *scratch* with itself and generates 2 buffers, A
and B, in an Ediff frame, showing no differences. I don't think you needed
diffutils. I don't find anything named that under my emacs subdirectory,
only under cygwin, which I don't use to run emacs. Ediff is like dired and
probably many other parts of emacs: the code for it is loaded when you
invoke the command.
The .emacs (or _emacs) will be found in your HOME directory. If you don't
have one then add
set HOME ..\emacs (or wherever; it doesn't have to be with /bin, /lisp,
and the rest of the emacs files so it could be anywhere in a non networked
machine, even the root directory (the default in w32 if you don't set it
up somewhere else). Just C-xC-f .emacs, write something in it like:
(+ 1 1) and then write to wherever your home directory is with C-xC-w.
Emacs will suggest ~/ if it thinks it knows where your home directory is.
To put something more useful into .emacs, save a few Custom settings for
future sessions (under Options > Customize Emacs > Specific Option >
Customize variable > [Tab]).


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