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VHDL and Emacs (My experience)

From: mans
Subject: VHDL and Emacs (My experience)
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2007 19:03:10 GMT


     I am new in VHDL and Emacs and I tried to use Emacs for editing VHDL 
and attaching it to ISE. My experience is as follow:


Emacs has a very good editor for VHDL editing. It has several good features 
such as auto indentation and syntax highlighting. Over all it is very good 
if you can use it (I could not!)

What I did:

I download my copy of Emacs from . I installed it in my 
windows XP professional system and setup ISE to use it. It works well with 

Problems that I had:

1-      Its keyboard shortcuts are not windows based. I tried to configure 
wmacsw32 without any success.

2-      It is very slow to start ( I didn't use emacs clinets)

3-      I read that you can see a hierarchy of your VHDL code, but I can not 
turn it on (I don't know how to turn it on!).

4-      I can not find any documentation on facilities which are available 
in VHDL mode.

5-      Some times when I try to click on VHDL menu, this menu item 

Best regards

Ps: Does Eclipse support VHDL?

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