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Re: starting emacs remote doesn't load .emacs

From: Stefan Horomnea
Subject: Re: starting emacs remote doesn't load .emacs
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2007 15:09:58 +0300
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Ok, I got it :)

I logged as bob user and then su to root. Emacs wasn't looking for /root/.emacs but for /home/bob/.emacs
i just linked: ln -s /root/.emacs /home/bob/.emacs

That thing it does according to the manual:

Stefan Horomnea wrote:

I am running emacs21 on FreeBSD. If I start emacs directly from the machine, it loads and has effect the ~/.emacs file. If i log on the machine remotly via ssh (from another machine via xterm) then the emacs doesn't find the same ~/.emacs file. So everything I write in my .emacs file on the remote machine is useless. Why it can't find it ? How can I debug this ?


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