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Re: Polish characters in emacs

From: Wojtek
Subject: Re: Polish characters in emacs
Date: 12 Oct 2007 12:03:24 -0700
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Thank you Pete for all of the explanation.
Here is a bit more info and some progress I have made.
    1) The machine to which my monitor and keyboard are attached is
running Fedora 7
    2) I connect via ssh tunneling to a machine that is running Fedora
5 and open up a gui emacs
        The command is
            ssh ... "/usr/bin/emacs -fn lucidasanstypewriter-12"
    3) In older versions of emacs (when running on various flavors of
UNIX or in Windows) I used
        the mule package which has input modes and the polish-slash
mode was such that
        /a produced ą, /e produced ę etc
     4) On the Federa 7 box, I have enabled the polish keyboard and
thus produce "ogonki" in
         any application
     5) When I open up firefox on the Fedora 5 box via ssh tuneling I
can produce "ogonki" in the
         same way
      6) I cannot produce polish characters in emacs on the Fedora 5

My IT people are going to take away the Fedora 5 machine so this may
be a mute point but I would
like to learn what is going on.


On Oct 12, 5:20 am, Peter Dyballa <address@hidden> wrote:
> Am 11.10.2007 um 23:09 schrieb Wojtek:
> > Could someone point me to an explanation of settings so that Polish
> > characters are displayed correctly in an emacs buffer and whether this
> > has to do with the environment outside of emacs.
> There are three 8 bit ISO Latin encodings that support Polish: ISO
> 8859-2, ISO 8859-13, and ISO 8859-16, the 8 bit MS encoding Code Page
> 1250, and finally UTF-8. The all have
> ÓóĄąĆćĘꣳŃńŚśŹźżż.
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