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Re: How to get rid of *GNU Emacs* buffer on start-up?

From: Xah Lee
Subject: Re: How to get rid of *GNU Emacs* buffer on start-up?
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2008 18:35:36 -0700 (PDT)
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On Sep 23, 2:16 pm, harven <address@hidden> wrote:
> XahLee<address@hidden> writes:
> > Do u mean to say, that as far as you know, pressing Ctrl+n invoke a
> > next-line command in web browsers?
> I am using Firefox, and indeed, C-n goes to next-line, because I have
> installed the firemacs extension. If you are interested in emacs-like
> keyboard management with Firefox, you should give it a 
> try:

Hi Harven,

I, also, have installed firemacs extension, in late 2007 or early
2008. However, i never actually used it once. Then, when i installed
FireFox 3 few months ago, i deinstalled it.

For me, in any instance of time of the day, i have 3 browsers open.

• Firefox. This is my dev browser primarily for my website. Cookies
and Javascript turned off, and with about 3 web dev related extensions
i actively use. Among them is html validator, Web developer,
Flashblock. Other extensions i have but dont use often include, for
example, Screen grab, StumbleUpon, Undo Closed Tabs Button, Firebug,
ColorZilla. These i turned on only when i need to use them, roughly
maybe once a month. They are turned off normally because it saves
quite noticeable time when you open a new window (but not new Tab).

• Opera. This is for general web browsing. This has cookies,
javascript, java, turned off normally. Typically, my web browsing
primarily consists of reading Wikipedia articles. In anytime during
the day, i typically have 10 to 20 Wikipedia articles open, in tabs
around 2 or 3 windows.

• Safari. This is used for browsing sites i actally have a account.
For example, google (various services i use e.g. gmail, google group,
blogger, iGoogle, etc.), yahoo (services i use includes yahoo mail,
yahoo groups, flickr), youtube, youporn, livejournal, financial
websites, etc. This browser has cookies, Javascript, Java on.

About few times a week, i also launch iCab, Camino, Flock. Typically,
these are used when i need to browse random sites that require
Javascript or Flash (most videos) and i don't want to turn them on in
Opera. Also, these are used for web dev as alternative... checking
behavior etc.

How do i manage to switch or memorize all these? In my OS wide
keyboarding system, i have set it up so that one single key press
switches me to previous app. This accounts maybe 50% of my app
switching needs. The other 50%, is done by single app button key
press. i.e. i use a Microsoft ergonomic keyboard that has about 9 app
launching special buttons. These are set to, for example: Desktop,
Safari, Opera, Apple Mail, iTune, Adium (multi protocol IM), Second
Life (virtual world app), Colloquy (irc client). Even that is not
enough. I have F6 set to launch/switch to Firefox, F7 to emacs, F5 to
terminal. Cmd+F7 to Camino browser,  Shift+F7 to Flock browser.

About 30% of time, i press Context Menu key to switch to last app. The
other 30% of time i press F6 or F7 to Firefox or Emacs. The other
maybe 30% i press one of the app launching keys to switch to a
specific app i have in mind.

The rest maybe 10% of time i switch by, in order of most frequetly
used method to less: use Mouse with the Dock, Cmd+Tab or Cmd+Shift
+Tab, QuickSilver (keyboard method of app launching by keyword). (yes,
i kinda need all these ways for different occations)

These app switching ways are in my muscle memory. Also, they change
slightly every few weeks depends on changing need. For example, if i
have a project working on math... that often i need to switch to
Mathematica, GeoGebra, 3D-XplorMath ... or i'm in a session of heavy
graphics editing where i need X/Gimp or InkScape ... etc, i set new
keys to launch/switch to these apps. For example, i used to also have
Cmd+F6 and Shift+F6 to launch different emacs variants such as Emacs
in X-windows, Aquamacs, NeXT Emacs (aka EmacsApp).

The above keyboarding setup and activities, are achieved by using:

• Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard.
• Microsoft IntelliType keyboard macro app. (comes with the keyboard)
• OS X's Dock and Keyboard control panel (which has a limited way to
set keyboard shortcuts).
• QuickSilver (a typing based launching/switching app (still GUI
• 2 mouses installed. One for each hand. (i've been using 2 mouses
since, maybe 1994. Have always wanted to replace one with pen-device
or roller ball, but never actually did.)

Note also, i have emacs w3m web browser installed (as well as lynx,
btw). Also, i have elisp so that when i press a key on a url in emacs,
it launches me to a specific browser depending on the url.

References and further readings for tech geekers:

• Links To Wikipedia from (lists all links to Wikipedia
from my site (over 4 thousand. For each article i linked, i estimate i
have read 10 more))

• Lispers and Wikipedia (essay)

• A Review of Microsoft Natural Keyboards (the keyboard i use.
Includes some commentary on IntelliType)

• Computer Keyboard Gallery (commentary on keyboards, key macros,
keys, ergonomics, efficiency, design)


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