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Re: Problem of binding aspell to Emacs

From: Colin S. Miller
Subject: Re: Problem of binding aspell to Emacs
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2009 11:26:37 +0100
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Water Lin wrote:

When Aspell finds an incorrect word, it will mark the incorrect word
with special underline and color. But there are also a lot of special
words like Flyspell, Aspell etc. which are meaningful but incorrect.

I want to let Flyspell to ignore these words. What's the command?
If you want to add a word to your dictionary, use 'i'.
If you want to remove a word from aspell's dictionary, then
consult aspell's documentation (outside emacs).
You probably will have to rebuild the dictionary.

The second question:

After successfully installed Flyspell with Aspell, I find that the input
speed of my keyboard is a little slow and panic. It seems that flyspeel
will influence my input speed. What can I do with it?
You can keep typing; emacs will eventually catch up. Although the
lack of feedback on your typing can be disconcerting.

My solution is:
I disable Flyspell mode, but after I finish the email edition, I
will use M-x ispell-region to check my spell. Is it a good way?
Or ispell-buffer

flyspell-buffer  can also be used. It will highlight all the incorrect words,
but is very slow. Go make a cup of tea when you run it.


Water Lin

Colin S. Miller

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