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RE: Icicles [was: shell command completion gone]

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Icicles [was: shell command completion gone]
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2011 11:56:03 -0800

> By any chance could I talk you into posting your Icicles bindings.
> I would enjoy getting a feel of how you think Icicles works best.

1. There is no best.  For Icicles anymore than for Emacs.

Different people use Emacs/Icicles differently, and the same person uses them
differently at different times, in different contexts.

This is one reason that Icicles (a) has so many options and (b) has minibuffer
bindings to toggle or cycle many of those options - so that you can change the
behavior on the fly, depending on the context.  No one size fits all, especially
since Icicles applies to all kinds of minibuffer completion. 

2. My Emacs setup is particular, and that affects my preferences throughout
Emacs.  Among other things, I use a standalone minibuffer, and I generally use
frames where most people use windows.  My use of Emacs is also not average; in
particular, I do not use it to develop software (other than Emacs Lisp).

So an Emacs or Icicles setting that I find useful or comfortable might not be so
for someone else.

The main point is #1, however.  There is no best way to configure or use

FWIW, these are the Icicles options that I have customized for my own use (not
including `icicle-buffer-configs' and `icicle-saved-completion-sets', whose
values are just personal collections.

 '(icicle-bookmark-refresh-cache-flag nil)
 '(icicle-default-value (quote insert-end))
 '(icicle-highlight-input-completion-failure (quote implicit))
 '(icicle-regexp-search-ring-max 1000)
 '(icicle-search-ring-max 1000)

This does not mean that these are settings are what I recommend for most people
or that these lead to the "best" way of working with Icicles/Emacs.  Far from
it.  But I post them since you asked.

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