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Re: emacs crash

From: Robert Thorpe
Subject: Re: emacs crash
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2015 17:53:06 +0000

Rusi <address@hidden> writes:

> emacs crashes with this (below)
> Does not happen with -Q
> Happens with -q
> Can file bug report but not clear whether its debian or emacs.

-Q disables loading of .emacs/init.el and site-start.el.  -q disables
loading of .emacs/init.el but not site-start.el.  So, the problem is
probably in site-start.el which is a debian file.

> Happens as follows:
> Start emacs -q
> Goto options set default font and pull slider to a large value
> Click once -- beep.
> Click again -- crash!

I see no problem on Xubuntu.  You clarified that "click once" means
click on "Select".  What does "Click again" mean?  When I click on
select the pop-up window disappears and I see the Emacs frame with huge
text.  I can click on things in the frame with no problem.

Robert Thorpe

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