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Re: weird key bindings...

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: weird key bindings...
Date: Mon, 29 May 2017 07:54:53 +0200
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Jean-Christophe Helary
<address@hidden> writes:

> Ok, it looks like I get expected keybindings (as far
> as org-mode is concerned at least) when I launch
> emacs with -nw. When I launch it with a graphical
> frame, I get a lot of bindings overridden.

It might be your desktop environment and/or
window manager does something else with those keys so
the application within the frame doesn't get it.

Actually, it should be the other way around but in the
accursed Apple world I suppose anything is possible.

> It is not my .emacs.el that does that, and as far as
> I can tell it is nothing in my .emacs.d ... So what
> would be the cause of that behavior ?

You can rule that out with -Q. Try it with and
without -nw.

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