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gnustep make question

From: Rob Burns
Subject: gnustep make question
Date: Mon, 05 May 2003 19:16:45 +0700

I was trying to find information about these variables: xxx_RESOURCE_FILES, 
xxx_LANGUAGES, and xxx_LOCALIZED_RESOURCE_FILES. I couldn't find anything 
specific in the documentation.

If I use the LANGUAGES and LOCALIZED_RESOURCE_FILES variables, to manage 
localizations, I get warnings like this:

Warning: English.lproj not found - ignoring
Warning: Thai.lproj not found - ignoring
Warning: German.lproj not found - ignoring

because the .lproj direcectories reside in a subdirectory. It still works, 
despite the warnings, as long as the directories are included in the 
RESOURCE_FILES variable too.
If I don't use the LANGUAGES and LOCALIZED_RESOURCE_FILES variables, and 
instead only add the .lproj directories to the RESOURCE_FILES variable, 
everything still appears to work fine, and I don't get the warnings. Is that a 
valid way to do things, or will I run into problems later? What advantages are 
there to using the LANGUAGES, and LOCALIZED_RESOURCE_FILES variables, and 
keeping the .lproj directories in the root directory of your project?

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