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[Help-liquidwar6] Extra maps package

From: Christian Mauduit
Subject: [Help-liquidwar6] Extra maps package
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2007 22:48:24 +0200
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Kasper Hviid a écrit :
> I'm glad you liked it. Drawing detailed maps take quite a bit of time,
I bet!

> but I think it is worth it. I am beginning to  exploring the
> posibilities of x-polarity / y-polarity, and it really seems to add a
> whole new dimension to the game.
Yep, it does.

> Gotta draw some widescreen levels ... The hardware industry better not
> invent a third aspect ratio for monitors ...
8-) They will! (think of handheld devices...)

> I have not considered such thing as attack, defence, base health,
> winner help, army size, time rounds-per-sec for my levels. We should
> probably remember that part of the design proccess, too.
This can be tuned at the very end of the process anyway, you need to
play for a while to know which of such settings is right.

> I'm not really into such advanced things as 'compiling" a program, so
> for now I just have to trust that my level designs are playable. My
> Infestival level required a great deal of faith, but you sounded like
> it worked out after all.
> However, Iit appears to me that I could size down my levels, rename
> them, and push them into LW5.
OK, I see.

BTW, I've started to split the package into a core "liquidwar6" and a
"liquidwar6-extra-maps" package. I believe the name of the new born
package is understandable. The idea would be to put here "all other
maps", and keep in the core package only a reduced set of maps. As I see
it, there would be in the core package only:
- - 5 Mb of your maps. They are very good I think, pretty much what's best
today in terms of LW levels. I say 5Mb for now you're "up to 4,8Mb"
uncompressed, with 14 levels. I'd say between 10 and 20 (15?) nice
levels is perfect for a start. Players can discover the game this way,
see its possibilities, then download the rest. This doesn't mean I think
you should draw "only one more level". Nope, you could decide to keep
these, or draw new ones, the big picture is just to say: pick up what
you think is the best, and I'll put it in the main package, the rest
will anyways go "-extra-maps". Do not even bother to make them light,
they just need to be nice & playable, so that players think "wow, this
is cool".
- - 1 Mb of "my maps". I'm not a great map designer, but I've a good
knowledge of what's technically feasible or not, so I would draw a bunch
of very very light "concept" maps, which would just show of technical
features. No fancy artwork, just feature. My style ;) I can fit this
kind of maps in about 30kb, so I could ideally put up to 30 of them.

What do you think of it?

With this in mind, we should keep the main core package under 10Mb
compressed (with all the other graphics & sounds, maps aren't the only
heavy files...), which is "sort of reasonnable".

The "-extra-maps" can simply have no limits ;-)

Have a nice day,


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