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Re: LD_LIBRARY_PATH now (was Re: Setting PATH from withing make for $(sh

From: Cesar Crusius
Subject: Re: LD_LIBRARY_PATH now (was Re: Setting PATH from withing make for $(shell) ?)
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 09:34:10 -0700
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On Friday 16 June 2006 08:53, you wrote:
> At 11:45 AM 6/16/2006, Cesar Crusius wrote:
> >On Friday 16 June 2006 08:38, Cesar Crusius wrote:
> > > Follow-up question: it works for $PATH now that I let it loose. But it
> > > doesn't seem to work for LD_LIBRARY_PATH. The 'echo' works for one but
> > > not for the other (the result is that some of the executables fail
> > > because they can't find the libraries). Is there anything I'm missing?
> >
> >Follow-up to the follow-up. It seems to work when LD_LIBRARY_PATH is
> >exported.
> >Not necessary with PATH though.
> This is because variables which are inherited from the environment
> (such as PATH) are automatically re-exported. Variables which were
> not previously in the environment (typically the case for LD_*) are
> not and so must be exported explicitly. Either way, if you know you
> want something exported it doesn't hurt to use the export keyword.
> This is all documented in the fine manual, BTW.

Thanks. I do have the printed copy I bought back in 1996. It is not always 
easy finding what you want in there though. The $(shell)/PATH issue is not 
mentioned, for example. The 'export' keyword is only mentioned in connection 
with sub-makes (at least according to the index), and it is not clear that it 
applies everywhere. Maybe I should get a newer hardcopy...


- Cesar

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