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Re: Tutorial on Oct files

From: Quentin H. Spencer
Subject: Re: Tutorial on Oct files
Date: Mon, 07 Apr 2003 11:50:23 -0600
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I agree that while Da Coda Al Fine is a good start, it is very incomplete. Something I had considered doing is some kind of "quick reference" consisting of a table of octave expressions and their equivalent in C++ using the octave libraries. I would be willing to contribute to a documentation project.

To answer your question about creating a matrix and resizing, I hope the following example helps. There may be other ways to do this that I'm not aware of.

int rows, columns, columns2;
// initialize row and column values to something
Matrix A(rows,columns);
Matrix B(rows,columns2);
// initialize the contents of A and B to something
A.resize(rows,columns+columns2); // I'm not sure of the next step does this automatically or not
A.insert(B, 0, columns);

Quentin Spencer

Pablo Barrera González wrote:


        I'm trying to write a oct file for read an SVM file from Octave. My
problem is that I haven't found information (not much) about writing oct
file. Is there any tutorial, beside Da Coda Al Fine? I think Da Coda is
too old and it's not complete. I have tried read the headers file, but
that's not easy.
        What I want to do for this particular problem, is create a Matrix and,
maybe, append some columns to it. Beside that, I would like learn more
about writing oct files.

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